About Us

Sondos is one of Almodon Al Arabia Holding Group, our reputation has grown through the creation of partnerships, joint ventures and subsidiary companies. Today, we maintain a growing portfolio of companies across various sectors.

Sondos is a privately owned Saudi Arabian company, with corporate headquarters in Riyadh and branch offices in all major cities of the Kingdom.

We enjoy a reputation for financial strength and security gained through our sound management and prudent financial practices at every level. As an organization, Sondos business integrity and world-class standards of quality offer of housing and real estate development solutions and consumers alike, extraordinary of alternative services.


Our community residential compounds offer many recreational, sporting facilities and amenities such as private swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, and wading pools, restaurants, convenience stores, landscaped green areas, nurseries for toddlers, libraries, indoor fitness facilities, DVD movie rental, internet access and much more.

Our services range from bus shuttles to schools, shopping malls and local souks, to housekeeping and janitorial, telecommunication to connect you instantly to the world, maintenance and routine inspections, laundry and others.

Security matters a great deal to our tenants and to us as well. Steel guards are installed at every entrance gate and CCTV cameras continuously scan the perimeters to provide 24 hour surveillance, while trained security staff patrol the inside grounds.

Our exclusive office commercial properties are designed with business prerequisites in mind. Careful planning is given to every detail from car park requirements to spacious noise insulated offices, lighting, climate control, wiring and connectivity to the world.

Our efficient support services from round-the-clock security to safety and maintenance provide our tenants with an ideal ambiance conducive to business.

We offer convenient leasing terms that can be tailored around your specific needs. We invite you to discuss your housing or office requirements with us. Please refer to the contacts section.



Our Projects


Core Business

Property Development:

As Sondosexpands its reach and adds new services, property development remains one of our core focus areas.

In a short time, Sondoshas emerged as one of the leading residential and commercial developers in the Saudi Arabia competitive real estate market. By combining innovative strategies with the latest engineering technologies and a dedication to provide unrivalled customer service quality, Sondosis committed to sustaining and supporting the country’s real estate market while exploring opportunities across the region.

Sondosis a key developer in Business Bay, a new business and financial hub in Riyadh. We have also developed major projects throughout KSA, including Tahliya in Jeddah, Al Waseel Housing Compound and MALL.

To make sure we deliver only the very best to our customers, we have developed a rigorous set of tests, from the initial design plans to the finishing touches, so each project passes the highest quality standards. At Sondos, we take pride in always setting new benchmarks for the industry and exceeding our customers’ expectations along the way.

Over the past decade, Sondoshas established itself as one of the KSA key real estate players. By leading the way with innovative developments accommodating every lifestyle, Sondosis committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of Saudi Arabia real estate market, while delivering unrivalled customer service and expanding operations across the region and around the world.

Our residential and commercial developments set new industry standards and offer customers unparalleled quality, exceptional value and a chance for a new lifestyle.

In Saudi, one of the region’s most dynamic cities and a preferred business and leisure destination for people from around the world, we have created unmatched developments in key business and residential locations, such as Al Waseel Villas in the heart of the city of Riyadh.

As a result of our ambitious vision and the continued determination of our team, we have become one of the most successful and well-respected property management firms in Saudi Arabia.

From our offices in Riyadh andJeddah we offer customers throughout the UAE an extensive portfolio of properties suiting every lifestyle need. The team currently manages Al Waseelunits across all properties spanning a wide range of types in prime locations across the country.

As one of the most recognized property management firms in the country with a string of awards to our name, we take pride in our outstanding service quality. That is because we always put people first. We have achieved over 95 percent occupancy and 98 percent renewal rate while maintaining a reputation for reliability and efficiency among our satisfied landlords.

Asset Management:


Sondos has expanded and diversified its portfolio in recent years to include asset management and hospitality projects.

Following the call from Saudi leadership for greater investment in developing realty solutions to serve the rising housing footfall, Sondos has started up Riyadh Tower project in prime locations in the city in upcoming years. These include strategically located areas such as Business Center, along King Fahad Road.