Tahlia Gate 
The strategic location of the Tahlia Gate scheme:

The plan is located in the city of Jeddah – Al-Waha District 4 between the intersection of Al-Haramain Road and Tahlia Street in the heart of the city of Jeddah and connected to the most important streets in it and its proximity to the most important landmarks in the city of Jeddah (11 km from King Abdulaziz Airport – 4 km from the Haramain train station – 14 km from King University Abdulaziz) also is distinguished by its height above sea level by about 55 m, which makes it unique in its climate different from the neighborhoods near the sea.

The plan extends over an area of ​​875,289.38 square meters that has been developed with the highest design and infrastructure model to become an integrated model plan that brings the luxury of its residents.

The plan consists of 554 plots of land with different areas of multi-use, including residential, commercial, administrative and residential, interspersed with 4 mosques, 4 schools for boys and girls, 4 gardens with playgrounds for children as well as a health center in addition to residential streets within the scheme with a width (20-25- 40 meters) The plan is also equipped with corridors and sidewalks to ensure safe pedestrian mobility.

Economic value of the project:

The plan contains many opportunities to attract residents, which qualify it to become one of the most important urban complexes in Jeddah, as the project is distinguished as a destination for many investors as it contains many investment opportunities, which are represented in the diversity of commercial and residential land uses.

Tahliya Planner features:

Location strategy and easy access to the plan and access to important places in the city of Jeddah without going through the city center, with easy departure to the Grand Mosque through the Two Holy Mosques or the Jamum Road.

the climate
The planned height above sea level of about 55 meters achieves distinction in the climate, where the humidity is low.

Many details were taken into account in the plan in terms of entry and exit, as the plan was divided into four regions, and each region has its various services that achieve entry and exit into and out with ease and ease even at peak times. The plan also took into account pedestrian movement so that residents can access services easily and easily. On foot, with footpaths available.

Facilities and services:
Where all the facilities and services that made it distinguished from the rest of the plans are available in the scheme.

Land uses and building system:

1 / Main Commercial:

(A system of 9 floors, and the spaces range from 2200 to 4440 meters).

Description (Ground floor + Mezzanine floor + 6 recurring floors + 50% extension).

2 / Residential commercial:

(A system of 7 floors, spaces ranging from 1200 to 1500 meters).

Description (Ground floor + Mezzanine floor + 4 recurring floors + 50% extension).

3 / Residential:

(A system of 6 floors, spaces range from 650 to 1200 meters).

Description (Ground floor + 4 recurring floors + 50% extension)

Integrated services:

The Tahliya Planner aims to increase the quality of life, comfort and luxury to customers through the services provided by an efficient infrastructure with the highest international quality standards.

The services and facilities are:


Water – telephone and the Internet – sewage – electricity – discharge of torrents and rain

Accompanying :

Mosques – schools – health centers


Public parking for vehicles – parks and games for children.

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